Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Really Attractive People You Will Never Have Sex With (Most Likely)

My father recently gave me a sports article that discussed why February is the worst sports month of the year. No more pro football (sorry, the pro bowl doesn't count), we are still a month away from College Basketball's March Madness and the NBA is just at the All Star-Break. There isn't even any real tennis as the anti-Semitic open, err, excuse me--the French Open isn't until June. In fact, Roger Federer has taken the next six weeks off. As far as I am concerned, no Federer= no tennis.

But alas, deprived sports fan, February does have one outstanding 'sporting event' that, at least for a sold half an hour, is the Superbowl and March Madness all wrapped into one: The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

As great as the Swimsuit Issue is, every year there are a couple of complaints from feminists or ugly people. These complaints generally fall into two categories:

1) The 'swimsuits' the girls are wearing are so meager and inappropriate that nobody would actually wear them at the beach.
2) It puts an unfair amount of pressure on normal women to unrealistically look like 'supermodels'.

In re to the first complaint: Who freakin' cares!
In re to the second complaint: See answer to first complaint.

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