Thursday, February 15, 2007

I met a person who doesn't like the show Seinfeld

So I finally went on a date with the woman from the 'Lock and Key' party mentioned in my previous post. It was just OK. She had some strengths and weakness:


1. She has PCF (positive cash flow)
2. She has a zaftig figure
3. She is tall (5-7).
4. She has a decent, albeit, not great sense of humor.
5. Her face is easy on the eyes


1. Originally hails from New Jersey
2. Doesn't like Seinfield

I am willing to deal with somebody being from New Jersey because I don't want to act in a prejudicial manner. It is not physically impossible for a good human being to hail from New Jersey-- even though it hasn't happened yet.

Even though I love Seinfield like pretty much everybody else, I don't want to judge somebody in a negative fashion simply for not liking a show that I like. To each their own.

But now, some even more serious issues:

3. Doesn't vote
4. Doesn't belong/go to the gym

3 and 4 are pretty ridiculous. Not voting? Ever? She claimed she didn't know an adequate amount of information to vote--'under qualified'--was how she put it. I tried to explain to her that there were even less 'qualified' people than her that votes and her defense was, "Well, do you really think your vote makes a difference?" Good grief.

But of course, the last fault is simply to much to overcome to have the privilege of going out with me again. No gym membership? She doesn't work out? That's horrible. And she is young now. What is gonna happen when she gets older when all that non-working out catches up to her? Hello cellulite!

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