Sunday, February 11, 2007

My First Post!

On Friday night I went to a 'lock and key' party in the Village at Madame X (which isn't nearly as scandalous as the name suggests. Its just a bar). Its sort of like a speed dating event--the idea behind the gathering is that the females are given a key and the males are given locks and the women are supposed to go around and try to unlock the man's lock and then both genders are given a ticket to compete in the raffle at the end of the evening. If you think it sounds lame, you are correct. (And just for the record, it was my friend's idea to go to this, not mine).

The first woman who matched up with me was a stark raving wack-job who was from New Jersey (redundant, I know). She had a very large tattoo on her back (which, in case you were wondering, it is not a big turn on for me). When we won she went absolutely bonkers, talking very excited about the possibility of winning a prize at the raffle at the end of the event. I can completely understand her excitement, as the prize consisted of a box of nerds.

I actually ended up hitting it off with the best looking girl at the event, which probably about as impressive as being the best player on the Knicks.

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