Sunday, February 18, 2007

$115 Rice Pudding

Just do a quick follow up on the whole New York City giving out free condoms thing. The following day after NYC gave them out; I went up to one of the metro booth workers and asked her if there were any more NYC subway condoms available. She took one look at me said, "With your looks, I don't think you need to worry about needing any condoms. We are only giving them out to people who would actually use them."

Yesterday late afternoon I drove into the city to do the following: Clean up my cubicle, buy a printer; learn how to use my I-Pod and download my friend's song from their computer. I did not intend to receive a $115 dollar ticket but I managed to do just that. How could I make such a blunder: I blame society.

After I cleaned up my cubicle and was unable to download the I-Pod music (she had a Mac; I have a windows--so no dice!) I walked 15 blocks in the cold weather with the sidewalks full of slush to a diner that has terrific rice pudding. The rice pudding was a little less than $5; thus the title to this unbelievable weak blog post. Actually, my friend told me that there is a terrific Rice Pudding Shop in SoHo (that is in Manhattan). Here is the link.

Sorry for having nothing exciting to report; it has been a slow weekend. So sue me.

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