Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How to get my foot in the door

There is a girl--no excuse me to all you feminists out there--a woman who I am interested in that works in my building. She is a fact checker for a magazine. I see her, on average, about twice a month (and I think that is being generous). Despite the fact that she is 5-5 at best, I find myself attracted to her. I have absolutely no idea how to 'make a move'. I wish I was in the magazine business and I could tell her we are short handed and we need an extra fact checker. Do attorney's need fact checkers?

My sister used to be a fact checker and she told me she hated it. I told that to the fact checker and she told me she loved fact checking because she was fact checking about subjects she liked. What a good sport. Even if it was fact checking stats on the Knicks, fantastic steakhouses or helping a journalist complile a book about tall, attractive redheads, I think I would get bored pretty quick. In fact, I'm bored just writing this blog.

Anybody have suggestions on how to woo the fact checker? I'm pretty much open to any suggestions that don't risk me getting thrown out of the building. (i.e, telling her that I am having a fact checking party in my pants this Friday and that she's invited).

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