Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hey Baby, wanna take a ride on my 4 or 5 train?

This morning, New York City was giving away free condoms on the subway. The condom wrappers (I have not seen the actual condoms) are actually pretty cool. As a lover of free samples and somebody who took the 6 train from Grand Central to 32nd street during rush hour this morning, I feel pretty shafted that I didn't get any free condoms. Condoms don't grow on trees and they aren't cheap--the condom manufacturers really have us men by the you know what when it comes to this product.

Anyway, the condom promoters were told not to give any of the free condoms out to minors. This makes a great deal of sense, as everybody knows that New York City adolescents are very uncomfortable engaging in sexual intercourse until they turn 18. Man, oh man, I just wish I grew up in the city. If I did, then maybe it wouldn't have taken me until my Jr. year of college to learn how to take off a girl's bra.

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